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Why Go Mini’s® is a Smarter Choice than PODS®

When considering portable storage, many people default to the national brand name PODS®. However, regional provider Greylock Storage offers better solutions with our Go-Mini’s containers. If top-tier capacity, safety, affordability and service are priorities for your relocation or storage project, discover why Go Mini’s® is the smarter choice.

Go Mini’s® Delivers Over 22% More Cubic Feet Than Largest PODS® Unit

Our 20-foot Go Mini’s® portable storage container provides a class-leading 22% more cubic feet of interior space compared to the largest PODS® unit available. This substantial capacity increase enables customers to consolidate belongings equivalent to an entire room’s contents within a single container, simplifying their move.

The superior design of Go Mini’s® containers translates into usable space advantages across all standard unit dimensions versus exact-length PODS® models as well. Carefully engineered interiors featuring smooth steel construction maximize storage density, eliminating the need for customers to rent multiple units to meet capacity requirements.

Get More Usable Space for Less Money with Go Mini’s®

With Go Mini’s®, cost efficiencies start with unit sizes aligned to household needs, not truck limitations. Our containers scale up to 20 feet while PODS® maxes out at 16, enabling full home contents consolidation without overflow containers. Families save money and headaches sticking to one container.

Even renting smaller standard lengths, Go Mini’s® continues providing superior affordability. When evaluating 16-foot units between brands, our units provide a more affordable monthly rate. Whether you require a large container or just need a smaller one, Go Mini’s® prevails on value.

Easier Container Delivery with Go Mini’s®

Go Mini’s® leverages an ultra-low 6 inch side clearance delivery system to enable easy container positioning. Slide a second unit just inches apart or tuck up against driveway edges without worrying about truck offloading requirements that would scuff property. Smooth treaded wheels further prevent marking walkways or lawns during the final rollout - protecting your valuables inside.

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Portable Units Sized for Every Need

Greylock Storage provides customizable portable storage units ranging from 12-20 feet to conveniently and securely store your belongings on-site during renovations, downsizing, organizational projects, or whenever you need extra space. Contact us today to rent a unit that fits your storage needs!
12ft Container
$149 + delivery fee
Our 12-foot container is an ideal size for moving one or two rooms worth of belongings into a dorm, studio apartment, or other small living space.
16ft Container
$169 + delivery fee
With room to fit the contents of 3-4 rooms, our 16-foot container is perfect enclosed storage for decluttering smaller homes, condos, large apartments, offices, and more.
20ft Container
$189 + delivery fee
Our spacious 20-foot containers offer enclosed storage for up to 6 rooms of belongings, ideal for decluttering the contents of large houses and apartments.
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Our goal is to provide you with a hassle-free self-storage experience. Our units are clean, secure, and affordable. We have a variety of unit sizes to choose from, so you can find the perfect fit for your belongings.

Go Mini’s® Local Owners Prioritize Customer Service

As a leading regional provider of portable storage solutions, Go Mini’s® operates a network of over 200 locations. Maintaining local ownership, leadership, and employees at each site keeps companies closely connected to the communities they serve. This neighborhood-focused business structure allows Greylock Storage to provide customized levels of service, responsiveness, and accountability unmatched by national corporate chain competitors. From container selection assistance to rapid resolution of any issues, our localized teams prioritize the needs of area customers and take pride in maintaining our reputation as storage experts who treat renters like family.
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